Friday, 6 February 2009

Tullynagardy Glen

Here's anither yin o tha photos A tuk o tha view fae ma wee hoose, lukkin iver tha Tullynagardy Glen, tha Crawfordsburn Road an Cairn Wood.

Tha Tullynagardy Glen (tha OS caa's it "The Golden Glen") is whaur Daft Eddie's Cave wus in W G Lyttle's buik, Daft Eddie or The Smugglers Of Strangford Lough. Mr McFadden wus tuk tae tha cave efter he wus kidnapped by Tha Merry Hearts o Down. A mine yin day gan doon tha glen lukkin fur tha cave an faain on ma arse in tha burn! Whut A didnae hear tae efter is it's meant tae be unner tha watter o tha Heich Dam. A wunner did onie o tha boys in tha Wilefowlers see ocht o it twathie yeir syne whun the' haed aa tha watter let oot fur tae big thon hydro-electric thang doon thonner?

Aamaist in tha wurds o Monty Python, noo fur simthang else aathegither. A'm no lang beck fae tha hoose o a freen . A wus haein bither gettin a thang daen, an this lass is in tha richt line o wark sae, tha mair A haednae clappt een oan her this ages, A gied her a caa tae esk if she wud dae this thang fur me, an wioot a thocht says she tae me, "Nae bither, cum on iver". Noo it wusnae ocht immoral, ir agin tha laa, but it wus a wee hair oot o tha ordinar, sae A wus quare an gled. Tae freens - whaur wud we aa be wioot them!

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