Friday, 6 February 2009

A guid feelin ...

A lukked oot ma bathroom windae this morn an seen a wunnerfu sicht - no yin, no twa, but thie burds o prey (A thocht the' wur rid kites, but A'm telt the' cudnae be on accoont o hoo the' wur onie bin pit beck intae NI in 2008, an the' wur maist likely buzzards) fleein roon aboon tha fiels at tha beck o ma hoose. Thon soart o thang daes yer hairt guid an A reckon it's pit me in guid foarm fur tha rest o tha day, an thon's a guid thang fur A'm aboot tae stairt a baa rollin theday that cud (fing'rs crossed) mak a quare difference tae ma wye o life.

A cudnae fin tha camera in time tae get tha burds, but A tuk a wheen o shots o tha view oniehoo. A hinnae this wabsteid warked oot yit fur it's onie lettin me pit tha yin up. Mebbe A'll get it soarted oot later on.
Aa fur noo ...

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