Monday, 9 February 2009

Hoo Tae Mak Tablet

This here's hoo tae mak Tablet. Gin ye dinnae haed it afore, it's like fudge onie ye dinnae hae tae chew fur it jist melts in yer moo. It's no hard tae mak an it's awfu nice, but dinnae cum rinnin whun yer teeth faa oot!

Whut’s In it

Twa pun o Caster Shugger
Thie oonces o Watter
Twa oonces o Butter
Twa tablepoons o Lyle’s Golden Syrup
Yin wee tin o Condensed Milk
Hauf a tayspoon o Vanilla

Hoo Tae Mak It

1. Pit tha hale lot intae a pot an warm it up tae tha shugger haes aa melted.
2. Keep stirrin aa tha time tae it biles an let it bile awa fur a guid hauf oor.
3. Tak it aff, gie it a guid batin an teem it oot intae a weel-creeshed tin.
4. Gie it a while tae cool doon an merk it oot fur cuttin, but dinnae cut it tae it’s coul.

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  1. Dear Fiona,
    Have enjoyed reading your website and all the Ulster-Scots poets. In fact, I am currently working on a thesis on the weaver poets. Would you have any information on Thomas Beggs? Would love to hear from you,

    Best Regards, Rosemarie Study