Monday, 2 August 2010

A Load O Balls

Noo, A'll no pretend onie great luv o, ir unnerstaunin o rugby fitba, ir cricket but, as A hae bin warkin at ma femmlie tree A wus surprised tae fin oot A'm (far oot) related tae a quare lot o (Ulster-Scotch) Irish internationals. Sae far, A hae tha follaein:

  • fae Limavady - Sir Samuel Thompson Irwin C.B.E.,M.Ch.,F.R.C.S.,M.P.(1877-1961)
    9 keps fae 1900-1903
    President of Irish Rugby Union 1935-6
    surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital

  • (Samuel's sin) John Walker Sinclair Irwin M.B.,F.R.C.S. (1913-2004)
    5 keps as a beck row forrit 1937-39
    scored tha winnin try at Twickenham in Feb 19 an 39
    President o Irish Rugby Union 1969-70
    surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital

  • Justin Bishop (1974- ) great-nephew o Sinclair Irwin -
    25 keps at wing - 1997-2003, echt tries

  • Dr John (Jackie) Wilson Kyle O.B.E. (1926-)
    46 keps at fly-hauf, 1946-1958, 7 tries
    In 2002 he wus caa'd tha "Greatest Ever Irish Rugby Player" by tha Irish Rugby Fitba Union.
    Efter a solo try agin France at Ravenhill in 1953, yin o tha newspaper men daen a parody o Tha Scarlet Pimpernel, wi tha lines:

    They seek him here, they seek him there
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
    That paragon of pace and guile,
    That demned elusive Jackie Kyle.

  • fae Newton - Dr James Alexander MacDonald M.D, M.Ch., L.L.D. (1853-1928)
    13 keps as a front row forrit fae 1874-1884
    grandsin o John McDonald that knit tha quilt fur the Marquis o Londonderry (last poast)
    Forbye tha rugby, he played yin international association fitba match agin Englan an, alang wi thie o his brithers played a wheen o matches fur tha Irish international lacrosse team.
    He wus a wean-walloper at Methody afore gaun tae Queen's medical schuil. A heared he wus a doctor oan yin o tha big liners an, efter he'd saved tha life o a weel-aff boadie oan his boat, tha craiter gien him eneuch siller tae buy a wee practice in Somerset, whaur he leeved oot tha rest o his days. Ye'd thenk that wud dae but, forbye aa tha abune, he wus President o tha Cooncil o tha British Medical Association fae 1910-1920.

    A'm near sure tha neist twa boadies is related tae me onie A hinnae jist tied doon tha exact connection.

  • fae Commer - James MacDonald M.B.E. (1906-1969)
    Cricket - left haun batsman, slow left airm, 29 keps fae 1926-1939
    President o tha Irish Cricket Union in 1954, an national selector fae 1946 tae 1960.
    Hockey - 25 keps
    Headmaster o Regent Hoose schuil

  • (his brither) Thomas John MacDonald (1908-1998)
    Cricket - openin batsman, 17 keps

Tha yin thang A kin say fur definite is A hinnae inherited onie skeel at onie kine o sport - tha onie thang A can ketch is tha coul!

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